Liqueur Ladies…

Having run out of glass egg cups for my “Egg cup Ladies”, it seemed to me that the next logical base would be liqueur glasses, right!? The ladies at the thrift store seemed quite intrigued when I told them why I was buying the glasses. “Well, “Liqueur Ladies” of course!”



I have to say that I am having a load of fun making these fancy little ladies – so elegant and dainty. They are a bit taller than the egg cup ladies because of the stem on the glass which makes them about 8″ tall. The dresses have become more involved also because of the stem height, but the overall felted busts are similar.



These little ladies need names that reflect their sweet liqueur personalities…how about “Miss Xuxu” (strawberry) or “Ms Chambord” (raspberry) or even “Madame Tequilla Rose”.



Oh, I can see (or perhaps taste) a “Miss Creme de Violette” or a “Ms. Creme d’ Cocoa” waiting in the wings to be made.

Better get busy, these lovely little ladies aren’t known for their patience.


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