Hi… I’m glad you stumbled across my blog, “Jodie at Play”, thanks for joining me.

This blog is about me ( Jodie the adult and Jodie the little girl ), doing just that; Playing with a capital P and sharing it with you.

“Think of it as a playdate between two new friends.”

My youth was primarily spent in quiet, solitary pursuits of creativity, be it crafting, reading or playing outside. I was painfully shy and fearful of most things, especially being noticed. I did not join in and generally tried to keep under the radar. I was obviously not very popular, but I was and still am blessed with a small group of very close-knit friends of which I am ever so grateful for.

As much as Jodie at Play is about my creativity and the art I make, it also about my growth as an artist and a human being. The making and the sharing of art are not just about the artists’ natural or learned abilities and skills, it is also about their courage, their self-belief, and trust in themselves. It is about the fears they must overcome to be able to put themselves and their art out here… it is a journey familiar to many.

Looking back over my life made me realize just how much I had missed out on in my youth and I have now made it my mission to recapture that which was lost. Giving that little girl in me, her voice and free reign over our creativity…

This is “Jodie at Play”.