Egg Cup Ladies…

A while back I mentioned that I have been invited to participate in the “Winter Gift Gallery” at the Seymour Art Gallery. This is an annual juried event with over fifty artisans participating from all over British Columbia.

Of course I was thrilled to accept their invitation, as bringing my art work into the community was one of my goals for this year.

Over the past couples months I have been working on a few new ideas to present. I needed to come up with a smaller, quicker, less expensive version of my larger needle felted art dolls, while still retaining the overall original look and feel of my work. Thus the “Egg cup ladies” and their friends were born.

 Lovely ladies all in a row.


These little ladies stand about 7″ tall,  each consisting of a needle felted bust perched upon a glass egg cup and adorned with all kinds of finery.

A few seasonal additions…

and some are just for fun!

Smaller, itsy-bitsy versions without the egg cup are in the works for brooches and magnets.

What do you think?

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