Will you marry me…

Eugene had to plan this day wisely, he wanted it to be special but not so special that Emily might get suspicious. A day trip to their favorite seaside town for a stroll along the beach and then lunch on the pier sounded perfect.

Eugene had no doubt in his heart that this was the right thing to do, but that nagging, insecure little voice that had always haunted him was still sitting on his shoulder, just waiting to keep him in check.

After a nice leisurely stroll on the beach, Eugene suggested they sit for a bit to watch the sunset.

This has been such a lovely day, Eugene, thank you,” said Emily as she snuggled in under his arm.

“You’re welcome, Emily. It has been a lovely day! Listen, I have something that I need to say to you Emily, and if I don’t say it now I feel like maybe my window will close and I will lose my chance!”

eugene proposal
Look closely behind Eugene’s back.

Emily has gotten used to Eugene’s ramblings in the past so she just nods and waits patiently for him to carry on.

“First of all, I’m not that much to look at.” he declared.

“Says who?”

“Have you really looked at these lips?” he continued. “Besides, I’m just an accountant in a small town so I will never be rich.”

Who are you kidding, those lips make you the world’s best kisser, and do you want to be rich?” she asked.

Not particularly. I live in a small town that I love, where you don’t need much money. I have been told that I don’t have enough ambition and that I should move to the big city to further my career.”

“Who would say that? Oh never mind…I think I know who you are talking about.” Emily replied with a twinge of pain in her voice.

Besides I’m a serious homebody and don’t like to travel much, kind of boring really!

Being a homebody doesn’t make you boring Eugene, besides we have had a ton of fun together in the last six months and all of it has been close to home,” she said. “Travel is really overrated anyway, the world is not such a safe place anymore,” she added.

Plus my dog Rex has a way of getting into things he shouldn’t and making a mess. He can cause all kinds of trouble really.”

Is this is what you needed to tell me, Eugene? A list of all your preconceived shortcomings?”

“Well, yes, but all of that’s just preamble.” 

“To what?”

“To something that is probably way too early to ask, but I’ve worked my self up into this terrified state that if I don’t ask you today, my window of opportunity will close and I will be lost forever. So the question is…Emily McNash, will you marry me?”

Emily says yes
It is kind of hard to hold a ring box when you have no hands, never mind where she might wear it!

Silence…not a word!

‘Perhaps her silence means that she is speechless,’ thought Eugene, that I have caught her completely off guard. I don’t want to think about the alternative.’

Finally, Emily answered. ” Eugene…I am in love with someone else.”






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