Late Summer…

It is late summer, and the air has a new crispness to it; the days have grown shorter and the nights are longer. Eugene has been so busy that he has failed to notice that the once lush green trees are now ablaze with the reds and oranges of fall.

The last six months have passed by in a blur for Eugene; from their first meeting at the pet store, Eugene has thought of little else besides Emily McNash. When he isn’t physically with her, he is with her in his head and in his dreams. He has fallen head over heels in love with this woman and it terrifies him. Oh, it’s not the old fear of looking foolish or saying something dumb in front of her. Now, it’s knowing that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him and there is the fear of losing her.

Eugene and Emily leave Merino for a romantic weekend getaway.

Emily’s love has made Eugene feel whole and alive. She has accepted him for who and what he is and she sees no reason to try to change him. For the first time in Eugene’s little life, he is safe to just be himself.  Her love for him has made him want to be the best man he can be and in turn, give back that love tenfold. He has been blessed and he knows it.


It is with pounding heart and sweating palms that Eugene knows what he must do next…


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