Eugene’s new car…

If you have been following along with the “Eugene saga”, you will know that Eugene recently decided it was time for a new car.

Now, this would be a normal thought process for you and me, but for Eugene, it is a revelation of sorts. He is the kind of guy who thinks ” if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and “second-hand is good enough for me”; a conservative kind of guy through and through. Nothing flashy or too expensive…moderation always, in all things.  The very fact that he was interested in getting a new car before the old one had packed it in and gone to the car graveyard in the sky, was something out of character for old Eugene.

That’s exactly what Al, owner-operator of Al’s new and used cars, thought when Eugene walked into his lot. This was going to be a tough sell!


Eugene is a pretty tall guy – 6’5″ or so – so finding a car that he is comfortable in can be a bit of a struggle. Al shows him one of his larger models, a “Woodie” panel van similar to the one Finn the surfer dude has. A little too flashy and not enough headroom. Besides, Eugene doesn’t own any surfboards – duh!


Okay, how about this little gem; low mileage, clean interior, and a little more conservative. Nope, still too small but getting closer.


Al decides to test the waters a bit here with Eugene. “How about a Porsche Eugene? Sure to have the ladies notice you in this one.” (Notice Al doesn’t even let Eugene sit in it) Perhaps not a very smart selling strategy here Al, since the guy who stole Eugene’s girlfriend drove a Porsche! Do your homework, dude!

Eugene’s already serious face takes on an even sterner look with that remark and he is just about to leave when Al kicks into his super salesman gear.


“Hang on there a minute old friend, didn’t mean to be an ass! Take a look at this little girl: she has a conservative yet classy metallic champagne finish with a brown leather interior. Lots of headroom and a rumble seat for the dog. Gets great gas mileage, is fully loaded, and just for you today, my friend, I will throw in 5 years bumper to bumper comprehensive coverage, floor mats and a full tank of gas. Climb in and get a feel for her.” Al steps back, palms a little sweaty, and lets Eugene have a closer look.

Eugene has to admit he is interested, she is pretty much exactly what he is looking for.


After a test drive, some serious negotiations over the price (you have to know that an accountant is going to get the best price) and a couple more extras, Eugene shakes hands and signs the deal.


With the Porsche faux pas forgiven, Eugene is pretty pleased with himself and his new car. Rex can’t wait to go for a ride!IMG_5822

Will this one last 20 years like old Besty Blue? Undoubtedly with Eugene at the wheel, but I’m pretty sure this one will have way more mileage on it in the end. Adventure awaits and the open road is calling. Buckle up and let’s go!

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