The Honeymoon…


One of Eugene and Emily’s (or should I say Mr. and Mrs. Eugene’s) favorite adventures has always been to hop in the car and let the winding road take them where it will. They saw no reason why their honeymoon should be any different. Leaving Jasper and Rex in the care of a friend, they hit the open road and headed East.

IMG_6254After checking out this map at a rest stop, they decided to make their first stop in Nelson. Eugene had actually been there the summer before to visit with his old friend Peter McCleary and he just knew that Emily would love it. After a nine hour drive, they were welcomed by Nelson’s landmark orange bridge.


Of course, they had to get together with Peter and share their happy news, at which time he offered to be their guide around town.


They visited the many beautiful gardens and parks that Nelson has to offer which, of course, Emily just loved.



They visited breathtaking viewpoints that truly showed the natural beauty of this amazing little place.




Nelson is also renowned for its art and culture.


One evening after a lovely dinner out, they went for a peaceful walk through the local cemetery, (something folks do in Nelson) where Pete introduced them to a few of his “McCleary” clan ancestors.


Emily was so enthralled with this little gem of a town that they decided to stay for the duration of their holiday and enjoy all that it had to offer, making plans to one day retire there. That, however, is for another story…

Heading west once more, they drove off into the sunset and lived happily ever after!

The End…

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