On the road again…

This past spring “Ester McShred” roared into town on his glistening red motorcycle, leaving behind a trail of dust and an air of mystery.

“Ester” ( not his real name but the one some of the townsfolk quietly came to call him), came across as a bit of an odd fellow. Keeping pretty much to himself, enjoying his days surfing and working out, and his evenings spent reading and doing some kind of research in his tiny furnished apartment above the bookstore.


Over the past four months that Ester has been in the town of Merino, a few fellow residents have tried to get to know him, at least a little bit, and have discovered some interesting details about this mysterious man.

Turns out that “Ester” is actually a doctor (of what he wouldn’t say) who came to Merino for a bit of a sabbatical to work on his new book (on what he wouldn’t elaborate, just that it was his third in a series.) They also managed to reveal that he is from Washington State and that his real name is Andrew – not “Ester” – though he was flattered by the “McShred” part that they bestowed on him!

Today finds Ester/Andrew putting away the surfboard and his alter ego and heading back home to resume his true identity as Doctor Andrew to publish his final book. The handful of new friends that he has reluctantly acquired have come to say their goodbyes, wish him well and safe travels.


Even Santa came to say goodbye!

Andrew, who will always be “Ester” to the townsfolk of Merino, has enjoyed his time here being a man of mystery, while the folks of Merino have learned that you can’t always judge a book by its cover and a little mystery can sometimes make for a good story!


Ester is actually leaving my little make-believe town of Merino to go live in the State of Washington with his new owner. Ester is my first online sale, which is exciting for me as well as a little sad; the first one out of the nest is always the hardest to let go! Good luck, Ester, in your new home and make sure you keep in touch. Thank’s again, Joann.

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