I do…

No one was happier than Eugene to realize that he had been playfully duped by Emily.

For a few (very long) terrifying moments, she actually had him believing that she was in love with someone else.  It was a few absolutely heart-wrenching, nauseating, stomach-turning, and heart-pounding moments that Eugene never, ever wanted to feel again as long as he lived.  Eugene figured out very quickly that, not only was Emily a very sweet and gentle soul, but that she was also nobody’s fool and would not put up with any of his self-loathing B.S. He was more than happy to oblige, as his self-loathing B.S. was wearing thin – even on him!

Now that the ground rules had been established, it was time to plan the wedding. Neither Emily nor Eugene had any interest in a formal wedding; they were a quiet couple with just a few close friends and already had everything they needed. Just the two of them together in a beautiful outdoor setting was all they wanted and they had found the perfect place.

Actually one of our daughters and soon to be son-in-law found the perfect place. As it turns out, they were getting married this summer and I thought it would also be an ideal background for Eugene and Emily’s wedding.

There was no planning or work for Eugene or Emily (or me for that matter), we just simply showed up. Perfect! I brought Eugene and Emily and their Minister along to the wedding and after the real ceremony was over I went around and took my own wedding pictures. Of course, I asked permission of the bride and groom first and since I was very discrete ( I didn’t want to come across as being a complete weirdo) no one even noticed what I was doing.

Emily was invited to participate in some of the wedding day preparations. While the bridesmaids were getting their make-up done, Emily joined in and did a bit of her own, with a little bit of help from Asha.


Leanne and Alex’s (the real bride and groom) ceremony was at 4pm so by the time Eugene and Emily did their vows, the sun was beginning to set, creating a beautiful glow.

Dressed in their finest.

Minister Kline conducted an eloquent ceremony – short and sweet…much like Emily herself! A beautiful rock garden waterfall created a stunning backdrop.

Of course, Rex and Jasper were part of the wedding party.
You can just see the love in Emily’s eyes, Eugene does look a little nervous though.

After the ceremony, Eugene and Emily had a few slow dances out on the patio under the stars and then spent the rest of the evening in their own private Yurt.



After a leisurely brunch the next morning, Eugene and Emily headed out on their first adventure together as Mr. and Mrs. Eugene.






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