Oh! Eugene…



Half dazed, Eugene stumbles out into the blazing sun and onto the street in front of Emily’s Pet store. Not likely he will forget her name again!

“What just happened in there, Rex? One minute I was fine, the next I’m a bumbling fool!”

Rex looks up at his master, giving him a little whimper and a wag of his tail as if in agreement.

“Oh great!” Eugene moans, “even the dog knew I was making a fool of myself. You know, if you hadn’t taken off and done a belly dive into the biscuits bin, none of this would have happened!”


Rex knows it’s best to just leave this comment alone and walks quietly back towards the car.

“Do you think she noticed how nervous I was, Rex? I don’t think I even heard a third of what she said… what was it that she gave us, anyway?”


Once back in the car, Eugene stops to think. Being the¬†analytical type, Eugene needs to understand what just happened and what these unexpected feelings were all about. Sure, he has been nervous around women before – probably made an even bigger fool of himself in the past – but this time it seemed to matter more. This time it feels like there is more at stake…more to lose!





Eugene rests his head against the steering

wheel, shielding his eyes from the hot sun,

but more than likely he is trying to hide his

shame. “D’oh!


“Wait!” Eugene says with a start, “didn’t she say something about coming back?”


Yes, he thinks she did. Grabbing the bag of dog food that he had subconsciously thrown on the passenger seat of the car, he reads “six patties”.

“Yes!” ‘Okay, Eugene you have six days to get your act together before you go back and try this again.’

Rex watches curiously from the back seat letting out a bit of a sigh, as if to say ‘here we go again!’


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