Another small step…


One small step at a time is what it takes to get you where you are going, many small steps combined can take you a long way.

You see, a year and a half ago I retired from a twenty-year career in dentistry. It had been a good career but it was time to move on. What my heart longed for was to finally be able to fully immerse myself in my art. With working full-time and raising my daughters on my own, my art always took a back seat. Oh, it was there alright. I could see it looking wistfully at me in the rearview mirror; I could hear its impatient sigh as it sat fidgeting by itself; I could feel its imagination draining away, and how it was overcome with loneliness. I did my best to keep it company, to let it out to play as often as I could, but with only a half hour here and twenty minutes there it was difficult for us to connect, to become the best friends we longed to be.

Retirement gave me the gift of time; time to sit quietly with my imagination, time to nourish my creativity, time to reconnect and listen to what had been so patiently waiting inside me.

Time gave me Jodie at Play!

Over the past year I have used this time to start: a Jodie at Play FB page, ( ) my Instagram page, (instagram@jodieatplay) this blog site and to start the process of getting my work out there into the community via gallery submissions.

Today added another exciting step in this evolution of Jodie at Play. Today, my very first business cards arrived and if I dare to say so myself…they are perfect!

The lighting was not so good today for photos.

They are bright, bold, playful and oh-so Jodie at Play!


I have to admit, I was a little nervous about opening them when they first arrived. I designed them myself and I did all the work myself, sending in the finished product for them to reproduce. This may not sound like much to some of you, but you have to realize that my computer skills are very limited as are my photography skills. They even warn you that if your computer skills are limited it is best to follow one of their templates – which I did not do. But I followed all their guidelines, read all their information and instructions, made them and then remade them, AND THEY WORKED!


I used the online company MOO. (

Image result for moo graphics

They offered the square business cards with rounded corners that I wanted, there was no extra charge for a different image on each card, with a limit of 50 different images, I used 10. They were exceptionally fast and their packaging is very nice. The quality of the paper and the finish is perfect ( I sent for their free business card sample pack ahead of time to help me figure out paper and finishes)


I also ordered a package of their super fun stickers.

They have a ton of different options to choose from and I think it is pretty obvious that I highly recommend them,

Thanks Moo, for helping me move one step closer.

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