Off to the pet store…

Erring on the side of being an anal perfectionist, you have got to know that Eugene would have thoroughly researched how to be a good dog owner. Do you have any idea how many YouTube videos there are out there of the “Dog Whisperer”…Caesar Millan? Hours and hours worth!

So now well-informed, Eugene has decided that the best way for Rex to live a long, healthy and happy life, is to exercise him regularly and feed him a raw food diet. He could probably figure out how to do this on his own, but since he has to go to the pet store for a couple other things anyway, he will just have a look at what they might suggest.





Now Eugene has never really had a need to go into the pet store before, seeing that Rex is his first pet, but he has walked by it a million times. It is just down the street from his accounting office. He seems to recall a red-haired lady who owns it. What was her name again…Alice? Or was it Emma? No wait…he can remember seeing it on the storefront window…Emily! That’s it!





Eugene grabbed old Rex and headed out to have a chat with Emily.



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