Sergeant McStrange…

I am the first to admit, I have made some pretty strange-looking needle felted characters over the years. This one, however, I think tops them all!


I am not sure where to even begin with this one; he is green number one…okay, wait, I have done one other green guy before, also with red eyes.

FullSizeRender (3)


Ahh, but that nose… that’s a first! What a lovely beak he has, looks a little “birdish” don’t you think?


Purple hair? Yup, that has been done before too.


Okay, I guess this guy isn’t so strange after all…at least not by my standards!


I will have to try a little harder next time I guess.

Sergeant McStrange proudly stands 10″ tall, his solid wool bust sits upon a repurposed silver-plated candle-stick holder base. An old medal and stud earing finish him off.



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