This is Jessie, my shadow.

Jessie is my inspiration for Eugene’s new dog Rex…”in a fashion”. They look nothing alike; one is big and one is small, one is female and one is male, one is real, one is a made-up character, but their stories are going to be similar.

She hears dad coming home.

We adopted Jessie about 9 weeks ago from the  local animal shelter here in North Vancouver. She had been abused and abandoned by her former owners. She was found , wandering the mountain side alone, afraid and terribly thin. The shelter believes she had been out there for two weeks! I cannot for the life of me figure out why someone would just abandon her – maybe give her up for adoption if she was more than they could handle…but abandon?

Huge ears and huge paws…she is a shepard mix.

She is a loving, super-friendly dog (maybe a bit too much sometimes), she loves kisses and has tons of playful energy. She is good with the grandkids and any visitors to our home. She is quiet and well-behaved and oh so adorable.

Jessie is always close by keeping me company!

But, she is also easily stressed and can be anxious when over stimulated. She has abandonment issues ( I would think that would be expected after being abandoned) and she needs lots of exercise. She also has a habit of following us everywhere…hence my “shadow” and more abandoment issues.

Her safe spot and her favorite toy.

We are doing all that we can to ensure she has a healthy, happy home from here on in. She gets at least three walks a day, generally about three hours of out-door time. She has her own space where she can go to when she is stressed, and she gets to play ball everyday. Because of a tendency towards allergies she is now on a raw food diet and to this point has not been left alone. Yes she is work, yes she is a pain in the butt sometimes, yes she can get expensive, but these are all things we accepted when we brought her home.

If you are ever thinking about getting a dog or any pet for that matter, consider a rescue. Think of it like getting a slightly used pair of jeans or shoes from Goodwill; still in good shape but someone else has already broken them in and made them comfortable. A rescue animal can be similar: yes, you will undoubtedly get some baggage ( we all have baggage) but if you are lucky, you will also get someone else’s training, making them so much easier than a puppy! Giving an abused or abandoned animal a second chance at a good life can be very rewarding and the unconditional love you will get in return has no measure.

Jessie has a huge heart and she has given it unconditionally to us, we are doing the same in return.



  1. Congrats to you…we adopted a Cain corso 3 yrs ago….she was found wandering the streets of Israel. Her ears were cut off with box cutters and she had been continuously bred and then thrown out. I wouldn’t blame her if she hated people but to the contrary she is the most loveable dog we have ever owned. She had the same issues as you described in the beginning but now she is a dream. I loved all my dogs but this one is really special.


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