“As the stomach turns”… Eugene recap

A recap to bring you back up to speed on the Eugene saga…

Eugene is an accountant in Merino. He has a modest little office downtown, a modest little house down the street and drives a modest little economy car. Eugene is a “nice guy”, quiet and unassuming, but loyal and loving.

The most exciting thing about Eugene is the love of his life…Jessica. Jess is bold, beautiful and often outrageous, attracting attention wherever she goes.

Oddly enough, she and Eugene have been together for some time now, proving that opposites really do attract.

Well, at least until today….today Eugene’s happy little bubble burst with a single chime of his cell phone.

Eugene and cell blue

Poor Eugene, he is heartbroken!

Now, generally speaking, Eugene is not the stalker type. Sure, he has had his heart broken a few times in the past but with a brief period of mourning at the local pub, he would shake it off.


But this time it is different. This time he is pretty sure there was some sideways business going on with Ms. Jessica. He is now on a mission to uncover the truth.

It’s time to get stealthy…stealth is such a better word than stalk, don’t you think? Because he’s pretty sure he saw Jessica climb into some guy’s Porsche yesterday…


Now Eugene’s a bit embarrassed by this fact, but he fully admits that he has been stalking her. He must know if his suspicions are true.


It would appear that Jessica has been getting pretty cozy with Roger McPayne – Merino’s new dentist.

So despite the pain that it causes him, Eugene is waiting and watching.


It would appear that your suspicions were true, Eugene…

Take a bit of friendly advice and let this one go. There are lots of fish in the sea, Eugene, and rumor has it that one of them has her eyes on you.



A year or so has now passed and Eugene’s heart is on the mend. Yes, it has been hard; Eugene did initially spend some time at the local watering hole, trying to drown his sorrows, but after a few too many hangovers he decided it was time to try a different approach.

Instead, Eugene got himself a dog… who needs a girlfriend when you can have man’s best friend! Turns out that Rex needed Eugene just as much as Eugene needed Rex! He doesn’t look much like a Rex but that’s the name he came with, and that is fine with Eugene. You don’t often get the name you would choose for yourself; “Eugene” would know a little about that.


Stay tuned to find out who Eugene’s secret admirer might be.

Things are about to get interesting!



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