Finn McCaillie…


Summer is definitely in the air and the beach scene has starting to really pick up around here; why just yesterday I saw Finn McCaillie’s panel wagon parked down at the Surf Shack.

Who is Finn McCaillie, you may ask? Well, only the greatest hero to come out of these here parts… at least if you’re a surfer!


Finn is the nephew of Carl, the local surf shop owner and a bit of a celeb himself. You see, when Finn was a wee lad he would spend every weekend and all his summer holidays helping out his uncle in the surf shop. He would rent out the boards and other gear, clean up the beach and generally keep an eye on things, but when he wasn’t working he was surfing, surfing and more surfing.  I guess you could say that surfing was in his blood.

He doesn’t help out much anymore, for the fact that he has gone pro; ranked #3 in the world and on his way up. Finn has since been lured away to pursue his career in sunny California but every summer he comes home to his small town roots to do some surfing and because at home he will always be ranked #1.

If you find yourself hanging around the Surf Shack this summer you may get a glimpse of Finn riding the waves. Make sure you give him a thumbs up!

Finn is a needle felted bust that sits upon a repurposed wooden candle-holder. He is approximately 14″ tall and 5″ wide. His flower lei and flower embellishments were brought back from a trip we took to Hawaii, he is also sporting one pink earring. Inquires are always welcome!

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