Welcome to Merino

103 (2) face 02jpeg


Welcome to Merino…

Join me as my needle felted family…The McWoolens Clan, bumble along enjoying life in their quaint little village of Merino. A slightly foreign place where the townsfolk are a little fuzzy and a little odd, but delightful and friendly all the same.

I love to make needle-felted faces – just faces! The truth be known, I really dislike felting the bodies; they are boring and dull and take way too long…at least for me. The face, on the other hand, is full of expression, color, character and there is a sense of a loving connection to this little being! (Maybe it’s a female thing!)

The other thing I love doing is “thrifting”: going to the Sally Ann and wandering around looking for treasures. There was an “Ah-ha” moment when I thought…’why not use some of my found treasures as bodies and just felt the busts? Yes, that would work quite nicely, I could get away with just felting the face and contribute to the repurposing movement!’ Perfect!

Of course, this little family now needs a place to live and grow and just be their fuzzy little selves. After some brainstorming with my daughter, we came up with “The village of Merino” ( for those of you who are not into felting, Merino is a type of wool…clever eh?) They also needed a common connection, how about a clan? “The McWoolens Clan”, this may explain some of their oddities!


Once I have created a new clan member and come up with their story, my husband, Trevor, contributes by drawing the background scenes. More rewarding for me than him I think but he is a sweetheart to help!

Please join me as we build The Village of Merino from the ground up, there is no telling who will be moving in.


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