The Journey Begins


Thanks for joining me…

I believe life is a creative journey enhanced when shared with friends.

Like the long, leisurely road trip with a group of your best buds, each contributing to the success of the overall experience by sharing what they do best.

Think of your friends this way…

The Researcher…(you know the one,  who is super-organized and loves detail)  has handcrafted an amazing itinerary, taking into account everyone’s interests and needs, yet leaving room for those spontaneous surprises along the way.

The Navigator…usually the co-pilot who plugs this itinerary into the GPS, taking measures to avoid any possible hazards, and always knowing (within reason) where you are. Thus, ensuring a grand adventure buffered in safety.

The Foodie…of course knows all the best places to eat along the way, making sure that no one ever goes hungry or misses out on any of the culinary cultures.

The Writer… documents every detail in story form, ensuring some hilarious memories to be shared at a later date over a bottle of wine.

The Photographer…captures the visual story, creating more colorful and vivid memories than the written word can do alone.

The Artist…whose sense of observation is highly attuned and always on alert, keeps everyone engaged and in awe of all that they are experiencing.

Traveling together, the road trip is safer, fuller and more magical – just as in life – when we share it with our friends.

Please join me, “The Artist”, as I take my own creative road trip. The car is packed with my imagination and I’ve got plenty of room for friends. So hop in and don’t forget to pack your own creative superpower, and let’s see where the road takes us!



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